The North Okanagan is rich with talent, from visual and literary artists to performers and musicians. They each feed our hearts and minds and make our local culture vibrant and alive.  They also contribute greatly to our local economy.  The artists featured here are all members of the ACNO and they have been hit hard by the pandemic.  Let’s work together to support and celebrate our creative community.

Applied & Visual Artists

Aimee Baerg

Akira & Marla Hanson

Bev Gordon

Carmen Lafferriere

Cathy Toll

Christine Kashuba

Cindy Bouthillier

Destanne Norris

Emily Fraser

Erin Kronbauer

Helen Kovacs

Jane Weitzel

Jeanne Byron

Jill McDonald

Jill Worboys

John Gleadle

Judy Hamilton

Karen Palmer

Karin Preece

Kathryn Ross

Kathy Hale

Laine Lowe

Laurel Fredin

Linda Sellers

Lynette Stebner

Mary Tremayne

Meghan Budd

Melanie Anderson

Nancy Vince

Nikki Marshall

Patricia Doyle

Peter Bittroff

Raven Zeller

Rebecca Shepherd

Sarah Hope

Shannon Marsh

Shannon Wylie

Steve Christopher

Svetlana Shkuratova

Val Bosk

Vanessa Marsh

Vicki Lewis

Literary Artists

Jenny Zeller

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Performance Artists

Matt Brown

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Photographers & Digital Artists

Paul Kenward

Tim Fitzgerald

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