John gleadle

When he was young, John thought you were born an artist, but as he aged he realized that becoming an artist relied more on learning and a lot of thought. As a Vernon Artist and Art Instructor, John feels that a piece of art is “built” in a number of organized and thought out steps that develop along an organized path. This allows the creative brain to progress towards the finished painting in a linear pattern that resembles writing a story. In fact, as an artist, he tries to have make sure his paintings tell a story, which he hopes resonates with his viewers, taking them back to a memory they fondly remember.

John has been drawing and painting for over 50 years and his career has included selling paintings at 15, sculpting in clay and metal, airbrushing commercially, painting in acrylics, oils, and pastels, and working as a 3d creative designer for various companies in Vancouver. Retired now, he has more time to do his paintings, and to provide instruction to emerging artists.

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778 475-4261