svetlana shkuratova

Svetlana is a Russian-born, Vernon-based visual artist with the principal focus in photography and expanding interests in ceramics and painting. She was trained as a philologist and an English teacher, but has always been drawn to visual arts. She was first introduced to photography as a child in her father’s home-set darkroom, the experience that stayed with her forever and inspired her to continue exploring this medium.

After moving to Canada in 2004, Svetlana expanded her artistic interests to other mediums and took courses in photography and filmmaking in Halifax, drawing in Quebec, and painting, illustration and pottery in Vernon. She continues perfecting her skills in different art forms and enjoys the experimental process of blurring the line between them which opens exciting opportunities in her artistic explorations.

Translating her educator’s degree to art, Svetlana enjoys sharing her knowledge through teaching art classes at the Vernon Community Arts Centre and being a part of the Education Committee of the Vernon Photography Club.

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