cathy toll

Cathy is a ceramic artist and has been creating in clay for five years. From her early days of making mud pies and playing in the garden, she has always loved getting her hands dirty. After taking a pottery class at the Vernon Community Arts Centre, it became a natural choice for her to express her creativity with clay.

Cathy has a lifelong affinity to plants and flowers and her work showcases that. Her pottery is mostly hand-built with the odd thrown piece, and all one of a kind. She combines functionality with a fine art twist, and enjoys adding special little touches and small details to her creations. More recently, Cathy has been working with porcelain clay, which is challenging yet very satisfying. She’s looking forward to seeing where this takes her.

Cathy has also brought her talents into the classroom and is instructing clay handbuilding classes at the Vernon Community Arts Centre, where her work is often for sale.

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