Rebecca Shepherd

Growing up in a creative household in Britain, Rebecca was never short of supplies or inspiration to explore her own natural creativity. However, rather than follow a traditional art education she decided to be practical and went to university instead. She acquired a degree in Geology and Biology, with which she says she has done nothing practical with since. On emigrating to Canada, Rebecca started to paint seriously earning a living painting portraits and teaching private art lessons.

For the last few years Rebecca has become increasingly more enamoured with clay sculpture. Animals are currently her main subjects. Rather than a strict anatomically correct representation of her subject she emphasizes certain parts of their bodies and takes artistic license to their postures. The intention being to attribute human-like qualities to the animal – not so much that they become cartoon like, but just enough to identify with.

Rebecca’s paintings are mostly of animals, with a style that requires a lot of paint to create texture and rich luscious colour sweeps. The subjects are rendered loosely, often with detailed eyes. This produces a focal point that draws the viewer into the painting.

Rebecca’s paintings and sculptures can be found in private collection around the world

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