Shane Dennis

Shane Dennis is a local artist, environmentalist, mom, and Registered Massage Therapist. She is currently living and working in Enderby BC, Secwepemc territory. Shane has lived in various other places throughout Southern BC and is glad she took her camera and macro lens on many hikes so she can now bring you her latest creation!  “Wildflower Power Oracle” is a 77-card oracle deck that she is preparing to self-publish. It’s a blend of her passions for nature, wildflowers, environmental protection, photography, and spirituality. Her heart, soul, and hundreds of hours have gone into this creation. It is just the beginning of what her business, Macro Love Photography, can accomplish. It’s not only an oracle deck, but also a collection of macro photos of wildflowers native to Southern Interior BC. The cards all have common and Latin names to help with ID and there’s a guidebook with some botany, ecology, and traditional uses.

What is an oracle deck, you might ask? It is a physical tool, a card deck, with messages to help you access your intuition and the spiritual realm for answers and guidance. Wildflower Power Oracle is composed of healing messages inspired from 60 different wildflower species and their close-up photos, many of which are native to here, the interior temperate rainforest ecosystem we live in. It will be printed on 100% recycled cardstock and 10% of profits will be donated to select environmental and humanitarian organizations.

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