christine kashuba

Creating cyanotypes combines the things Christine loves best: drawing, painting, photography and printmaking. It allows her to mix mark-making with mad-scientist in collaboration with the sun as the active agent, to develop her imagery.

Initially creating purely botanical images Christine’s work has expanded to incorporate photographic, drawn and painted imagery along with figurative, found and botanical objects. The possibilities are endless and on a sunny day she can be found outdoors sourcing locations and materials to incorporate in her next image. Christine embraces this process where known and unknown elements combine to create these graphic blue and white images.

Christine graduated from UBC Okanagan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2009 with majors in printmaking and photography. “Full Spectrum” an exhibition of her cyanotype works was at the Vernon Public Art Gallery the summer of 2020, and she exhibits her work in a variety of shows throughout the year. Christine continues artistic explorations in her home studio and welcomes you to visit by appointment throughout the year.

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