vicki lewis

Victoria Lewis works in a number of different mediums. In recent years she finds that working with clay has captured much more of her time, and she is enjoying the exploration of different avenues of clay work.

Whether playing in ceramics, paint, textiles, fibres or paper, she likes visiting old school ways of constructing, reaching back into history and discovering the skills of earlier artisans. With common everyday materials, including the discarded, Victoria further explores ways to use these objects in unexpected ways.

Some of Victoria’s creations evoke a sense of nostalgia, with a sweeter retro feel while other pieces have a rougher, perhaps industrial grungy feel about them. Victoria finds, as is true of all the arts, that the more she works and explores, the more ideas and possibilities reveal themselves. She gains huge satisfaction in the process of learning, figuring it out, how to do it, how to get from an idea to perhaps a product, and then – even if not – the journey itself is of great value!

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