Karin Preece

Karin was introduced to pottery by her Grandmother, Georgina Moon, who dug clay from a top-secret location in the Cariboo. Though Karin was surrounded by clay as a child, creating animals happened quite by accident as an adult.

Convinced to take a throwing class, she discovered that she did not excel at making round things. So, instead of making wobbly bowls, she sat herself in the corner and made penguins. A lot of penguins and some ducks. But she didn’t stop there. Soon, in marched the ducks, a pod of whales, a cete of badgers, a heard of rabbits, a parliament of owls, an army of frogs, and a leash of furry foxes.

“Mudpuddle Moonlings” is a tip of the hat to the Cariboo (Williams Lake, AKA the Puddle) and her Gran Moon.

Karin  lives in Vernon with her husband, her dog, and a dream of having chickens, a donkey, and ducks….

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