swan lake designs

Akira Hanson and Marla Hanson-Giles are mother and daughter. They create unique art and have collaborated to establish Swan Lake Designs.

Akira majored in art for her B. ED., received a Diploma of Fine Arts at Okanagan College, and studied at the Banff Centre and Metchosen Summer School of the Arts. Akira is a mixed media visual artist: printmaker, painter, weaver, textile designer and silversmith. Her creations are often a collage of past endeavours. In recent years Akira has also pursued the art of writing poetry. She views this as an extension of her visual art.

Marla studied art at Okanagan College and pursued a career as a commercial artist. She has worked in a variety of mediums including stone sculpture, painting, jewelry design, computer graphics and most recently plant printing. If Marla is not creating art, she spends time in the mountains.

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