kathy hale

The phrase “Just because it’s perfect doesn’t mean it’s interesting” resonates strongly with Kathy and has become her mantra. She also follows Picasso’s advice : “Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.”

Living in the Okanagan Valley provides Kathy with infinite inspiration. Kathy gives voice to paint so that it may convey a sense of emotion. She views her painting practice as an exploration and creates interest and excitement with a diversity of mark making: drips, wipes, scrapes, splatters, impasto. She tempers heavy dense areas with transparent passages. She plays warms against cools. She orchestrates a note of pure chroma so that it sings amidst rich greys. And she uses broken layers to reveal a story of what came before.

Her intuitive method sometimes presents challenges. However, therein lies the impetus for growth. In fact, a particularly challenging painting (where there is nothing left to lose!) becomes an opportunity to risk it all, to try something completely different. Why not? Kathy considers this the birthplace of creative breakthrough. This is why Kathy chooses to work intuitively, breaks the rules like an artist and strives for interest over perfection.

Kathy believes that life need never be boring as art offers infinite opportunities for learning, growing and connecting with fellow artists and art lovers. She constantly fuels her passion for art and shares her knowledge by offering lessons and workshops.

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