Aimee Baerg was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1992. Her family moved to the Okanagan Valley a few years later and that is where Aimee would grow to love art and nature. Growing up surrounded by lakes, provincial parks, and valleys, Aimee’s love for the outdoors developed naturally. Her interest in painting was cultivated during her teenage years and then further developed as she studied Fine Art at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan Campus in 2011.

Continuing to develop her artistic practice, Aimee began to focus on landscapes that are inspired from her life in the Okanagan Valley as well as the three years she spent living in southern Saskatchewan. Her paintings are full of colour, broad brushstrokes, blending, and movement and are influenced by her previous work in portraiture and abstracts. Aimee’s desire is to translate the joy and peace she feels in nature onto her canvas as a way to share her experiences with others.

Aimee has been included in various exhibitions including “Okanagan Rail Trail En Plein Air” at the Vernon Community Arts Centre, Vernon, BC where she received the Viewers Choice Award, and “Art Off the Rails” at the Lake Country Art Walk, Lake Country, BC. Aimee currently lives and works in Vernon, British Columbia, surrounded by lakes, mountains, and beauty.

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