tim fitzgerald

Tim Fitzgerald was born in South Vancouver in 1959. Having grown up in a large family, all of whom shared the traveling gene, it was natural for him to feel comfortable away from home on a beach or a local bus in some foreign country, particularly those with warmer climates. In his 20’s, Tim became a construction electrician to support his wander lust and as such, inadvertently became very conscientious regarding composition and layout in the construction process. Although he didn’t realize it at the time, this attribute would help him later in life.

When he was 50, Tim picked up his first DSLR camera and found the technical aspect of photography was more than enough to keep him interested.  Without any prompting, he immersed himself in every bit of literature he could find. This interest, coupled with his composition skills and his lifelong love for traveling blossomed during 2015 when Tim and his wife started exploring closer to home. He still remembers saying to his wife during a road trip to Alaska; “I realize now that we won the lottery living in BC”. This natural scenery all around him at home opened up a whole new avenue to explore.

Tim regards himself as a landscape photographer first, but will break out of the mold when the situation arises. The ”wow” factor can be found in any number of subjects and as he says, “in Canada, specifically BC, we have such an amazing amount of natural beauty all around us, it’s not hard to find that killer scene we are all looking for. We just need to slow down and have a look”.

As Tim winds down his career as an electrician, his passion for photography fills the void while keeping him active and curious as he continues looking for the perfect shot. When not shooting he can be found on two wheels as he is an avid cyclist, both road and cross country, playing one of his guitars as a self taught musician or out in his woodwork shop making a custom picture frame. He lives in Vernon BC with his wife of 32 years, Theresa.

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