jennifer zeller

Jenny has had a love of writing since she was a child. She studied English Literature and Sociology in college, and Interior Design and Drafting at BCIT.

As a full-time Mom, Jenny started Blogging in 2009 under the label of “Mom Blogger”. This was followed by opportunities to write Product Reviews, be Interviewed by Journalists and Design companies, and an invite to speak at a Round Table with the Premier of BC (in 2012).

In 2018, Jenny shifted her attention to write about topics of meaning that focus on compassion, empathy, and the nuances and challenges of relationships, parenting, divorce, etc. She wants to bring people together so they know they’re not alone in their struggles. We live in a complex world of polarity, and Jenny aims to emphasize to people that they can be there for each other…creating a Global Village. Her purpose is to remind people of their inner strength and humanity, and to help them remember that love is the centre of life.