Nick CÔté

Nick Côté is a self-taught artist who began creating art in the third grade. Throughout his elementary years he taught himself by copying from Disney Adventure comics. As a teenager, he began copying from Heavy Metal Magazine. Once he graduated high school, Nick fell in love with surrealism. His style now has aspects of Disney, adult fantasy, surrealism, anime and human anatomy.

Some of the artists who have influenced him and his style are: Luis Royo, HR Giger, Alex Grey, Dali, Michaelangelo and Da Vinci, among many others. His favourite thing to play with lately is the use of color and design theory to create bold, harmonious, intriguing pieces. He tries to create art that is unique, interesting and tickles the mind.

Nick has lived all over Canada; from Vancouver to Ottawa. He has created art everywhere he’s been, but now resides in Vernon permanently and would like to become a known artist in the area. He has chosen this location to create his art and the long-term goal of this artist is to create art until the time of his death.
He will never stop creating. It has been his life-long passion.

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