Laurel Fredin

Laurel has considered herself an artist since childhood, always drawing, painting and trying anything new and creative. It seemed only natural then that she would do something ‘artistic’ for work. Laurel graduated from college with a diploma in both Fine Arts as well as Graphic Design & Communications. For over 20 years Laurel pursued her career as a graphic designer, working in a number of top studios in Vancouver. BC.

In the winter of 2008 she and her family moved to Vernon, BC. Once settled in the North Okanagan, Laurel realized how much she missed those fine-arts roots. She began dabbling in a number of new areas and tried pin-hole photography, lamp work glass, mixed media painting, calligraphy and alcohol inks. Although these all brought new energy to Laurel‘s creativity, she started to refocus her energy again in a couple of familiar areas including painting, jewellery making and wheel thrown pottery.

Over the years Laurel has used oil, acrylics and watercolour paints. Laurel even refreshes the colours on her house walls regularly, saying ‘it’s just the need to paint, even if it’s only latex!’ But it seems she always returns to watercolour. The soft blends of colour with the water on the paper, it all adds to the joy of watercolour. Laurel’s other love is pottery and she finds throwing on the potter’s wheel feels like a home for her soul. Laurel teaches beginner pottery at the Vernon Community Arts Centre where she passes along her love of clay to others. She also sells her work in a number of stores around the Okanagan and attends the local Vernon Farmers Market.

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