Jane weitzel

Jane Weitzel. Ceramic Designer; Studio Potter; creator of ceramic forms, from functional to sculptural, all to fit into the modern decor.

“Modern can feel stark unless you use texture and organic elements. Handmade pottery compliments the polished uniformity of our tech filled lives.”

All pieces are handcrafted, in small batches, in Jane’s pottery studio in the mountains near Silver Star Mountain Resort, Vernon, BC. The studio is named after the frequent visitors to the studio, the local whitetail deer.

Jane personally finds working with clay grounding and meditative. Unlike her previous fast paced career of commercial photography in Vancouver and Los Angeles, Jane now delights in the solitude of the forested studio, the clay and what it brings.

“This time around my goal is to let my creativity speak for itself, not be in a rush and allow each creation to grow organically. I enjoy playing in the rich textures that clay can provide, approaching the process both methodically and serendipitously. The result is a satisfying design that delight and inspire the user.”

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