bev gordon

Since 2005, when Bev Gordon received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from OUC, she has continued to paint both abstractly and realistically. Almost everything she paints has an underlying story. Some paintings show female to male inequality, some show female opportunism, some show male sexuality and some just portray an event in its’ simplest form. If there is a message being relayed, it is often expressed with neutrality; neither one side or the other is right.

Both simplicity and carefully constructed compositions are Bev’s goals. She makes sure every element has a purpose, discarding those which are weak or useless. Her work has been exhibited locally, in the lower mainland and in the Bulkley Valley.

Bev says, “We are fortunate that here in the Okanagan we have a vibrant art community. This community creates pathways so we can connect with each other, and also gives us the chance to get to know each other’s thoughts. Knowing each other’s thoughts enables us to understand our own better, and helps us see how we fit in the society in which we live”.

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