jeanne byron

Jeanne was born in Regina, grew up in Ontario, and finally settled in BC. She attended the University of Guelph, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Fine Art. During her studies, she was inspired by two instructors – a sculptor, John Fillion and a printmaker, Walter Bachinski.

After graduating, Jeanne taught in the Toronto area for several years. In her mid-20s, she worked in several creative positions that included journalism, photography and photo restoration. In a surprising mid-life career shift, she returned to university, obtained her law degree and practiced as a corporate mediator until retiring. Throughout her professional career, Jeanne has dabbled in art – painting, drawing, pottery, photography, textiles – always waiting for the day when she had more time to spend exploring the creative process. And now…

Jeanne has jumped into pursuing her creative passion. Although she finds inspiration in the simple things, her work is often an abstraction of what she sees and feels. Her focus is on the process of creating rather the outcome of her efforts. 

Jeanne’s belief in the value of arts and culture is demonstrated through her involvement in several community arts organizations, serving as treasurer for the North Okanagan Federation of Canadian Artists and President of the Arts Council of North Okanagan. “A vibrant and inclusive arts and culture community provides a robust platform for the growth and success of our communities, businesses, families and individuals and must be nurtured and cherished in every way.”  As one of her favourite painters, Henri Matisse said… “Creativity takes Courage”

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