Members Overview

Members are the heart of the Arts Council! As a non-profit organization and registered charity, the Arts Council needs your support to provide programs and services that are critical to the vitality of providing, promoting, and supporting all aspects of arts and cultural activities in our community.

Membership Makes a Difference!

Here is why:

  • Your membership is your voice! It helps demonstrate that the arts matter in Vernon and throughout the North Okanagan.
  • Memberships directly support community arts education, services, and arts and cultural events.
  • We’re stronger together as a collective group of individuals, families, and arts organizations.

Become a Member –  Enjoy the rewards!

  • Giving our members a host of benefits is our way of saying thank you.  As a charitable non-profit organization, membership is integral to our success, and allows us to support our community.

Members viewing street art

Individual and Family Memberships


  • Discounts on classes & workshops at the Vernon Community Arts Centre
  • Drop-in studio access and at the Vernon Community Arts Centre
  • Early bird notifications for classes and special events, ahead of public notifications
  • Seasonal e-brochure from the Arts Centre, listing upcoming classes, workshops, and camps
  • Special invitations to attend or participate in Arts Council and Arts Centre events and activities
  • Art exhibit/sale opportunities to show & sell your artwork in the Arts Centre Gallery, Art Shop, and at ACNO and VCAC events
  • Artscene updates, filled with news and views of upcoming regional arts and cultural activities
  • Locker rentals at the Arts Centre when available
  • Voting rights at the ACNO Annual General Meeting
Adult: 15+ $35 + GST =   $36.75
Youth: 14 and under $20 no tax =  $20.00
Senior: 65+ $20 + GST =   $21.00
Family: up to 5 family members in same household $55 + GST =   $57.75

Group Membership

  • Groups can include non-profit arts and culture organizations and clubs, corporate partners, and other groups approved by the ACNO Board of Directors
  • Memberships run August 31st of current year to September 1st of the following year
  • New Memberships are pro-rated based on date of approval


  • Marketing and Promotion through the Arts Council website, social media channels, and literature, as well through the Arts Centre and ACNO events. We help you reach a wider audience!
  • Event Postings on the Arts Council’s Community Calendar.
  • Group Representation from the Arts Council at local and provincial tables
  • Artscene Features and event postings, distributed bi-monthly to all ACNO members
  • Invitations to attend and participate in special events
  • Room Rentals at the Arts Centre for group meetings, events, or workshops
  • Art Exhibit/Sale Opportunities in the VCAC Centre Gallery where you can showcase your group’s work
  • Mailbox access at the Arts Centre, with use of physical address
  • Locker Rentals at the Arts Centre when available
  • Voting Rights at the ACNO Annual General Meeting
  • Ongoing Support and Advocacy
Group $120 + GST =   $126