As a little extra incentive to attend our AGM, we will have a door prize! Donated by the Vernon & District Performing Arts Centre – 2 tickets to the April 1st showing of GLORY by Shay Kuebler. Inspired by the epic battles of childhood and a passion for action films, Glory examines the complexities of violent behaviour and its glorification in our media-drenched culture. Through a cinematic lens, with first-person video material, Glory takes the audience through multiple images and expressions on the amplification of experience and violence in society.

For information on the new constitution and bylaws, the existing constitution and bylaws, and the ACNO draft societies act, please see the ‘Recent News’ page.

Mission Statement

  • To stimulate, encourage, support and develop the varied artistic and cultural activities in the Greater Vernon Area.

Our Core Objectives

  • To heighten awareness of the Arts in Greater Vernon through interaction, support and collaboration with all member groups.
  • To increase the visibility of the arts in the Greater Vernon area by strongly advocating on behalf of our member groups.
  • To enable/support all arts based initiatives in the Greater Vernon Area by acting as an coordinator/advocate on behalf of the all community arts based initiatives.
  • To increase and broaden the opportunities for all Greater Vernon citizens to embrace and participate in all levels of artistic activities.

Key Result Areas

  • Our Mission and Core Objectives will be accomplished through goals that have been organized in the following Key Result Areas and will be accomplished by 2016 AGM.
  • To heighten awareness of the Arts in Greater Vernon through interaction, support and collaboration with all member groups.
  • Distinguish the role of the Arts Council from  Arts Centre. Clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Board Members, Clarify roles of staff to the vis a vis Arts Council and the role of staff vis a vis Arts Centre.
  • A core objective should be that the Arts Council be the lead organization in the long term planning of arts, culture and heritage programs. This is to be done with consultation and coordination with all member groups.
  • To have for presentation at the 2016 AGM of the Arts Council a comprehensive 5 year strategic plan for the Arts Council to achieve the vision of a consultative, collaborative arts community within Vernon that will strive to augment all aspect of the Arts within Greater Vernon.




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